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20-27 January 2023 Marketing and ScholComms weekly round-up

Welcome to our handpicked selection of marketing and scholcomms news from this week. These are all free to access articles so click through and have a read. Keep up-to-date, and receive alerts as soon as we post new content.

Did you want some social media with those cookies? This week, social media news is rampant in the marketing world, with brands preparing campaigns for Super Bowl LVII and TikTok taking the B2B marketing spaces by storm. Brands are feeling unprepared for changes to online cookies. In scholarly communications, more organizations are transitioning towards open research and scientists are urged to appeal more to human emotion when communicating facts to the public.


US Department of Justice’s lawsuit ignores the enormous competition in the online advertising industry

The US Department of Justice recently filed a lawsuit against Google for monopolizing digital advertising technologies. Google responded with a retort, stating that the lawsuit comes at the expense of ‘publishers, advertisers and internet users.’

The role of social media in Super Bowl LVII advertising

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest US sporting events of the year. It’s not surprising that many brands, including Doritos and Pringles, are harnessing the mammoth sporting event as part of their marketing efforts. This blog from HubSpot covers some of the brands using Super Bowl for their creative campaigns.

A 1/4 of companies believe their web platforms stifle sales

According to a survey by Danebury Research, more than a quarter of respondents think their company websites are driving prospective customers away. Many businesses are moving to different content management systems (CMS) and are looking to improve the quality of content on their websites to respond to customer needs.

This year, brand competition over truly ethical marketing will increase

Ross Crump from the Kairos Group explores how advocacy and ethical marketing will be critical for brands to succeed in 2023 in this deep dive from The Drum.

The top 25 podcast statistics you need to know in 2023

Thinking of starting a podcast in 2023? Marketing expert Neal Shaffer covers 25 enlightening podcast statistics you need to be aware of for this year.

Cookies, online sales, consumer confidence: 5 interesting stats to start your week

Are you prepared for the Great Cookie Deprecation? This article from Marketing week explores how almost 3/4 of UK brand-side marketers do not feel prepared enough for the deprecation of third-party cookies.

The best times to post on social media in 2023 [new data]

Whether your post makes an impact on social media can depend on several factors. Still, one of the most important things is the timing of your posts. This 2023 report from HubSpot dives into the best times to post on social media platforms to optimize your impact.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn in 2023?

Speaking of social media, if you’re planning to drive your social media efforts towards LinkedIn this year, this blog post from Neal Schaffer covers the best times to post.

B2B social media marks huge growth with TikTok leading the pack

More businesses are utilizing social media in their marketing strategies. In particular, TikTok is used 30% more this year than last year in marketing efforts. 47% of businesses even highlighted their interest in using TikTok in 2023. This article from Marketing Tech News covers the major stats on social media usage in B2B marketing.

Scholarly communications

Guest Post – “We are ready to move forward”: a professional society’s route to open access

In this article for The Scholarly Kitchen, Steven Arndt explores how the American Nuclear Society is making a smooth transition towards open research with its hybrid model.

Paying to play – professional academic communication should be factored into research funding

For research to reach its optimum impact, it needs to be disseminated. Yet, there isn’t a budget or the resources to invest in scholarly communications for many research projects. Andy Tattersall explores the need for researchers to consider communication requirements when submitting bids and tenders for research projects.

Facts don’t change minds – social networks, group dialogue, and stories do

This article from Anne Toomey explores ‘deficit-models’ of science communication and the need to further appeal to human emotion, values and instincts in the way scientific research is presented. It explores how scientists should appeal to social networks, group dialogue and storytelling to present facts and how scientists should aim to change behaviours rather than minds.

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