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Published Works

Explore published works from our industry experts, often in collaboration with academic publishing and scholarly communications colleagues.

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Lou Peck - CEO


Demonstrating the advantage of publishing open access with Wiley, Wiley 2021

Lou Peck, Natasha White, Thomas Gaston, Lorna Mein, Kelly Neubeiser, Kornelia Junge

Monitoring the transition to open access: Jisc-Wiley transitional agreement, Jisc/Wiley, 2021

Lou Peck, Anna Vernon, Amy Devenney, Natasha White, Thomas Gaston

Peer review reviewed, Research Information, 2021

Lou Peck, Phil Hurst

Rogue peer review – a polysemy in the making, Research Information, 2019, Podcast

Lou Peck

The New Alchemy: Online Networking, Data Sharing and Research Activity Distribution Tools for Scientists, F1000 Research, 2017

Antony J. Williams, Lou Peck, Sean Ekins

DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.12185.1

Sharnie Dunstall - Inclusivity and Operations Manager​

Our Infographics

The Secrets of Media Training

Download from Figshare

Preview of The Secrets of Media Training infographic, with 12 media training tips

The New Alchemy - Helping Scientists Increase the Impact of Their Own Work

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Preview of The New Alchemy, an infographic on how and why to increase your research impact

The Importance of Changing to an Agile Methodology

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Preview of an infographic on the benefits of Agile Methodology, with statistics and a comparison to traditional processes
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