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The International Bunch team, from left to right: Sharnie, Rowan, Hannah, Lou, Emma and Pamela

Your external marketing team.
We’re here to complement your existing team regardless of team size and skillset

Lou Peck with her brown donkey foall. she's leaning forward and smiling.
Lou Peck, facing the camera and smiling

Lou Peck

CEO and Founder


Lou brings 25 years of incredible marketing expertise to the table. She has worked in-house for organizations like the British Standards Institution (BSI), the Royal Society of Chemistry and ProQuest, and for the last six years she has been building our business supporting societies, academic publishers, intermediaries and institutions.


Lou specializes in strategy, research, being a sounding board for senior management, and delivering our training programme.


Lou is a Co-chair of Marketing Connected ALPSP Special Interest Group, committee members of CILIP Marketing Committee and the ALPSP Membership and Marketing Committee, as well as an SSP, ALPSP and Business Wales Mentor.

Lou lives on the Gower peninsular in Wales, with her family, and small 'zoo'.

Hannah Baldwin holding her dog Muzzle and smiling
Hannah Baldwin smiling at the viewer

Hannah Baldwin

Director of Marketing Success


Hannah brings 25 years of brilliant strategic marketing expertise to the team. She has specialized in digital and scientific publishing and worked in-house for organizations like the ProQuest, Cambridge University Press, the IET and the Royal Society of Chemistry.


She has a keen interest in horses and volunteers her time with the British Grooms and Equestrian Employers Associations. She is also Chair of Trustees for Jimmy's Cambridge, a community-based charity that helps those who are rough sleepers.
Hannah specializes in strategic marketing, customer experience and upskilling people and teams.
Hannah is Co-chair of the ALPSP Marketing Connected Special Interest Group.

Hannah lives in between Newmarket and Cambridge in England, in a quaint English village and an old house, with her husband and two gorgeous dogs, Muzzle and Moth.

Pamela Heller-Miszta, a White Polish woman, smiling and posing with a leek in one hand and an onion on her head.
Pamela Heller-Miszta, a white Polish woman,  facing the camera and smiling
Emma Williams, a white Welsh woman, posing with a pipe and wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat
Emma Williams, a white Welsh woman, smiling at the viewer

Pamela Heller-Miszta

Senior Marketing Executive

Pamela is experienced in marketing practices and campaign management, working in IT training, the environment and the research ecosystem. Pamela’s diverse experience includes content creation, developing marketing plans, and using various marketing tools and platforms. Pamela is an agile worker with excellent customer service skills. Pamela’s role often sees her working inside some of our client’s teams as integral support, whilst also running our own social media channels.

Pamela lives in North-West England with her family and takes trips when she can to see family in Poland.

Emma Williams

Marketing Executive

Emma has diverse marketing and sales experiences across several sectors, including construction, mental health, SaaS and more. She is equipped with valuable experience in analyzing and adapting written work to resonate best with audiences.

Emma is a bit of a wordsmith! Her specialities lie in content creation and copywriting following years of experience in writing for Search Engine Optimization. With the ability to write a comprehensive range of content for various topics, Emma helps us and our clients with a spectrum of content requirements.

Emma lives in South Wales with her family. She enjoys nothing more than reading, especially gothic literature.

Gulshanara Nuree, wearing cat ears and posing like a cat
Gulshanara Nuree, smiling at the camera

Gulshanara Nuree

Marketing Assistant

Nuree was a talented graphic designer with a natural passion for marketing practices. Nuree thrived at data-driven marketing and loved to present even the most complicated metrics aesthetically.


Nuree had a broad range of marketing experience, including measuring campaign metrics and using them to make better decisions in future marketing.

Nuree worked part-time as our Marketing Assistant but sadly passed away in April 2024.

Nuree lived in South Wales, and loved long walks on the beach and spending time with her family and her gorgeous cat, Bella.

We miss her immensely.

Sharnie Dunstall, a white woman, holding a large black dog on her lap
Sharnie Dunstall, a white woman, turning towards the camera and smiling

Sharnie Dunstall

Inclusivity and Operations Manager

Adaptable and conscientious, Sharnie brings valuable support to the team. She has experience across numerous sectors, including pharma, construction, engineering and care. Sharnie keeps us all in line and supported internally, as well as introducing and running environmental initiatives to help us as a business and team to be more environmentally conscious.

Sharnie is an active member of C4DISC, and passionate about DEIA and making the business and industry more inclusive.

Sharnie lives in South Wales with her family, dogs and cats. She loves the outdoors and can often be found at a beauty spot in the countryside.

Rowan Pierce, a white person, holding a copy of the Earthsea Quartet and smiling
Rowan Pierce, a white person, smiling at the camera

Rowan Pierce

Copyeditor and Sensitivity Specialist

Rowan works part-time as our Copyeditor and Sensitivity Specialist. They are a methodical and conscientious copyeditor and sensitivity consultant with a keen eye for detail. They have experience working in a range of industries including academia, marketing, and independent fiction. Their role includes copyediting documents as part of our quality control process, as well as ensuring anything we publish is as accessible and inclusive as possible.


Rowan lives in Northeast England with one of their partners. They enjoy telling stories – both through their writing and through playing tabletop roleplaying games – and spending time with their community.

"Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people" - Steve Jobs

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