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Our CEO Lou, running a group training exercise

Training to fit every team

Build confidence. Work smarter with flexible training options.

Claire Webber, Head of Content and Engagement Marketing, IOP Publishing

Claire Webber

Understand how best to position your journal and define your USPs


Another engaging and fun workshop delivered by Lou Peck from The International Bunch for IOP Publishing colleagues from our author marketing and journals development teams!

Lou created a focused and tailored session drawing on her extensive experience in STM publishing and marketing. Plus she has a great selection of ice-breaker games!

Inspire learning and improve performance

Looking to develop skills? Feeling a bit stuck? Need help moving up the career ladder?


Whether you want to develop a team member or have individual support, we can help. 


Work with us to create a custom programme for coaching and mentoring to help meet career objectives, whether for yourself or a team member.

Enhance your skillsets and deliver better marketing.


Start upskilling.

Forget off the shelf, create your own

It can be hard to get industry-specific training support. From new starters and colleagues in other departments like editorial and production to those looking to upskill in marketing, we can help you.


Our expert trainers have been working in the industry for years.


We'll help you craft custom in-house marketing training around the research ecosystem. Explore insights about information professionals, researchers and the world of academic publishing.


Tell us what you need and we'll deliver the training to suit either on-site or virtually.


Training to help you succeed.

Tried and tested training

We have built a series of courses that can be delivered quickly over one to two days onsite or virtually: 

Marketing-specific courses - full day

  • Develop and build personas to better connect with your target audience

  • Understand how best to position your journal value proposition and define your USPs

  • Enhance your storytelling techniques to better resonate with your target audience

  • Understand author journeys and ways you can market to them

  • Adjusting from a tactical to a strategic marketing mindset

Strategic-specific courses - half and full days

  • Align sales and marketing objectives to help lead your organization to success

  • Bring individuals together to improve your team's success

  • Set a solid foundation to kick off your project

  • Problem-solving with brainstorming

  • Create a testable workflow solution

  • Agree on a viable solution to help you get unstuck


Feel supported with industry expertise.

Lou, smiling

Conquer working on your own

It can be tough at the top. Sometimes lonely, too.


Get confidential support from our CEO, Lou.


Soundboarding, strategizing, brainstorming or just a listening ear - Lou can help. Even upskilling your team and facilitating meetings to improve efficiencies and output.

Lou works one-to-one with senior professionals across the industry


Feel supported with industry expertise.

Let's talk

Whether you need industry marketing support, need expert insight or just want to chat, book a meeting with our CEO Lou right now:

Lets talk
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