Looking for training and sessions to inspire and progress?


We build bespoke in-house training for our clients, run strategy sessions, and offer a scheduled annual training programme. 


Current courses we offer include, but are not limited to:

Marketing specific courses - full day

  • Develop and build personas to better connect with your target audience

  • Understand how best to position your journal and define your USPs

  • Enhance your storytelling techniques to better resonate with your target audience

  • Understand author journeys and ways you can market to them

  • Adjusting from a tactical to a strategic marketing mindset

Strategic specific courses - half and full days

  • Align sales and marketing objectives to help lead your organization to success

  • Bring individuals together to improve your team success

  • Set a solid foundation to kick off your project

  • Problem solving with brainstorming

  • Create a testable workflow solution

  • Agree a viable solution to help you get unstuck

Agile specific courses - half and full days

  • Taking the retrospective approach - look back at lessons learned and improve performance

  • Change to an agile mindset