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Your external marketing department

Be in control of your marketing spend. Take the pressure off with expert support and flexible options. Short and long term solutions.

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How inclusive are your communications?

We now have sensitivity skillsets in our team to check your text.

Enhance your communications, develop your assets and upgrade your tone of voice guidelines.

Improve how you talk with your researcher and library communities.


Feel more confident about your communications.

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Strengthen your existing team. Increase your output. Reduce the pressure.

Whether you have no marketing support or an existing team, let us help you with your very own external marketing department.


Discover our super flexible options with expert knowledge in the research ecosystem. 3 retainer services:

commit and save, prepay or pay as you go.


Marketing to help you succeed.

Conquer working on your own

It can be tough at the top. Sometimes lonely, too.


Get confidential support from our CEO, Lou.


Soundboarding, strategizing, brainstorming or just a listening ear - Lou can help. Even upskilling your team and facilitating meetings to improve efficiencies and output.


Feel supported with industry expertise.

Let's talk

Whether you need industry marketing support, need expert insight or just want to chat, book a meeting with our CEO Lou  right now:

Lets talk
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