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Delivering insights to improve thinking

Drive forward progression with supportive evidence and expert knowledge.

A report from Wiley: 'Monitoring the transition to open access Jisc-Wiley transitional agreement report'
A report from Wiley: 'Monitoring the transition to open access: the 2019-2020 Projekt DEAL-Wiley transformative agreement report'
A report from Wiley 'Demonstrating the advantage of publishing open access with Wiley'
A whitepaper from ProQuest: 'Ebook acquisition in the UK: Before and after the pandemic struck.' The subtitle: 'Practices and trends in tertiary institution e-book acquisition'.

Find out what your stakeholders really think

Sometimes, it's hard for researchers, information professionals, internal team members and other key stakeholders to give feedback.


That's where we come in. We act as a middle person so they feel they can be more open and transparent, giving you better insights.

We'll work with you step-by-step through the process to achieve your objectives. We'll undertake interviews, identify themes, write a summary and provide recommendations for your strategy.

These could include:

  • customer fact-finding

  • team insight gathering

  • value proposition work

  • brand messaging validation

  • identifying whether a product makes a good business decision

  • understanding workflows

  • discovering opportunities for growth and risk.


Whatever your objectives, we can help.

Start learning what your stakeholders really think.

Making sense of the landscape

How can you find out what others are doing - what has worked, what hasn't and what would they change for next time?

Let us know what you're looking to achieve and we'll research what others have done and provide you with valuable insights to help inform your knowledge and make better decisions. 

Start getting things done.

Lucy White, Marketing Manager, The Royal Society

Lucy White

When approaching a new project that I've not undertaken previously, my go to is The International Bunch.


With their objective view and expertise built on work with numerous other publishers I receive excellent advice, ideas and support on how to approach tricky projects.


I'm extremely grateful for this resource and can recommend to other publishers!

Content delivering value

Whether you're looking to write a whitepaper, summarize a transformative agreement with a consortium, or simply compile research into a more digestible format, we can help. 

Share insights and improve your impact.

Let's talk

Whether you need industry marketing support, need expert insight or just want to chat, book a meeting with our CEO Lou right now:

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