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Your strategy, just better

Make more informed decisions with better knowledge.

Stuck and not moving forward?

It's frustrating when you're all trying to work towards a common goal, but somehow, you're not moving forward together. It's more common than you think. It doesn't matter if you are small or big, not-for-profit or commercial.

Move discussions from inaction to understanding your options. Start making decisions and moving things forward.


We bring together stakeholders together in a collaborative and listening space. We'll pull together considerations and themes and make recommendations to help you start making decisions.


Ever feel you are having a meeting to have a meeting, to have a meeting?


We're all time-limited.


Get the best out of your meetings with different personalities and bring teams together with more cohesion. We chair your meetings to keep things on track and agree on a list of expectations and next steps. When meetings require discussion, we'll help give everyone a voice.


Start getting things done.

Senior support at the fraction of the cost

Need senior marketing support in a part-time, flexible capacity? Whether budgets are constricted or your marketing resources are limited, you still need to make a bigger impact.


That is when a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) comes in. Contracted at a fraction of a CMO FTE cost, make the most impact for your organization.

Only required for a few hours a week, our CEO Lou can come in as your Fractional CMO to provide strategic support to your existing team and enhance your marketing practices and output. Short or long-term support - we're flexible with what you need.


Feel supported with industry expertise.

Lou, smiling

Conquer working on your own

It can be tough at the top. Sometimes lonely, too.


Get confidential support from our CEO, Lou.


Soundboarding, strategizing, brainstorming or just a listening ear - Lou can help. Even upskilling your team and facilitating meetings to improve efficiencies and output.

Lou works one-to-one with senior professionals across the industry.


Feel supported with industry expertise.

The building blocks for your story

Sometimes you just need industry experts to come in and help you with strategic projects, without having to explain what a 'journal article' is or a 'DOI' or even 'subscription versus OA'. It's the little things that matter.


Maybe you're looking at value proposition work, messaging, team structures or just reviewing processes. Whatever strategic support you need, we've got you covered.


We'll help understand how best you can achieve your objectives and get the outcome you need.


Start achieving results.

Let's talk

Whether you need industry marketing support, need expert insight or just want to chat, book a meeting with our CEO Lou right now:

Let's talk
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