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Control your marketing spend

We’ll manage your marketing activities as part of your monthly marketing retainer. Use your budget on the activities you need month-by-month. 

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Join our happy clients 

Our client base extends across the research ecosystem with societies, commercial publishers, intermediaries, libraries and governments from across the globe. We specialize in academic publishing and scholarly communications - we understand the complex world you work in!

Commit to monthly spend


Tell us what you need and we help you choose how many of our 20 hour time blocks you need a month, or simply sign up to one of our three packages:

Starter (20 hours) £1,300/€1,550/$1,600

Growth (40 hours) £2,600/€3,100/$3,200

Enterprise (60 hours)

Equivalent to the true cost of a marketing assistant


Advanced (120 hours)

Equivalent to the true cost of a marketing manager


Need more than 120 hours? No problem, we offer additional 20 hour blocks at £1,300/€1,550/$1,600 each.

Where applicable, prices are plus VAT. These packages have a rolling six month committment.

Choose the marketing activities you need month-by-month


We plan your committed time during the month to help support you with the marketing activities you need.

We help you with anything you would expect from a full service marketing agency including, planning, research, list cleaning/building, copywriting, design, content creation, HTML and video editing.

Looking for strategic and training services? These are popular services outside of your retainer working directly with Lou and Megan.

Feel supported


Each client has a committed IB project owner.


If your point of contact is away, we have a dedicated email address ensuring your query is always answered. You can also contact Lou in an emergency at any time. 

We keep in regular contact with you to keep you happy and help with any queries. We share any industry feedback and trends, as well as examples from our client base to ensure you keep up-to-date with industry best practices, and to help you and your team develop and grow.

Let's talk

Whether you need industry marketing support, need expert insight or just want to chat, book a meeting with our CEO Lou  right now:


Commonly asked questions

  • How do I pay?

    • You can create a monthly PO or an annual PO we draw from monthly. We are used to different accounting processes with our range of clients, so we can talk you through the best way for you.

  • What happens if we are really busy and have lots of tasks, and might go over our committed hours?

    • If you only want to keep within your committed hours, we can work with you to reprioritize your monthly tasks to ensure you stay within your agreed package.

    • Any hours you use over your package are charged at our standard hourly rate (£90/€100/$105). If you keep going over, you want to either move to the next package or buy a new block.

  • What if I need a job turning around quickly?

    • No problem, jobs requested within a seven working day turnaround are subject to a £65/€75/$80 rush job fee per project, which covers us reprioritizing our activities.

  • How long is the commitment?

    • In the beginning, we are getting to know each other. It often takes a little longer to get into the flow as your team gets used to having an extended marketing team to work with. We have tried and tested processes for briefing jobs and working with our clients, which we can adjust to suit your processes that provide transparency and traceability. 

    • We have a rolling six-month commitment that we review every few months.

  • What do we get for the block of time?

    • You get access to a multi-skilled team with industry experts actively involved in the academic publishing and scholarly communications industry. We offer marketing admin (research, data management etc.), design, content creation, video editing, copywriting, PR, social media support, HTML, and so much more etc. You don't just have one person, you have the whole team available. We also have our own quality control processes and check work before it comes to you, so it is not one person's time - a typical campaign could have four of our team involved, including our freelancers we work with on a regular basis all over the world.

  • What if we do not use all of our hours every month - do they roll over?

    • No, every month, your hours reset. As we commit the team's time for the month, we want to ensure we provide you with the best service we can, so rolling over would cause unknown work coming in, and wouldn't be a sustainable way for us to work.​

  • Do I need to explain the industry to you?

    • No! Even if we had someone join the team with little knowledge, they are supported by a team with vast industry knowledge, so you get time back not needing to explain the complexities of our industry. We understand the research ecosystem, from academic publishing processes to library systems, and all the fun stuff like open research and research data management (RDM).

  • We are not in the UK - how will this work?

    • Our team, including our freelancers, are based all over the world. This helps us work in different time zones and accommodate our clients' needs. Some of the core team based in the UK even work in an agile way mixing up day and evening UK working hours. We are the international bunch, after all!​

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Lou Peck


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Megan Taylor

Director of Content and Research


Pamela Heller-Miszta

Marketing Executive

Top words used to describe us

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How our clients rate us

In our recent 2022 customer survey, our clients rated us:

  • 100% very satisfied with us

  • 100% rated us as high quality or above

  • 100% extremely responsive to queries

  • 100% extremely likely to use us again

  • 100% Net Promoter Score

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