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June 16 – 30 Marketing and ScholComms weekly round up

Updated: Jul 28

Welcome to our handpicked selection of marketing and scholcomms news from the past week. These are all free to access articles, so click through and explore.

Recent statistics show that around 55% of marketers are using artificial intelligence for content creation; following investigation into peer review fraud, one journal has retracted up to 80 of its papers; consumer confidence is showing promising signs of improvement.


Long taglines using ‘rare’ words are most memorable but least liked, study reveals

What makes a brand’s slogan the most memorable? How about the most liked? Recent research shows that if you want your brand to have a likeable slogan, you need to avoid long slogans using ‘rare’ words.

Consumer confidence shows encouraging signs of recovery

The latest statistics show encouraging signs of consumer confidence improving.

13 ways to use AI in ecommerce in 2023 (with tools recommendations)

How can you use AI in ecommerce? Neal Schaffer shares some of his strategies alongside some recommendations of tools you can use.

Content personalization: what it is and 9 ways to use it for your marketing

Neal Schaffer explores some effective strategies for personalizing your content.

Can Google detect AI content? Here’s what we know and why it’s important

Neal Schaffer shares information regarding whether Google can now detect AI content.

55% of marketers are using AI in content production

With AI becoming more advanced, it’s unsurprising that many marketers are taken advantage of it. Recent statistics show that around 55% of marketers are currently using AI when creating content.

1 in 3 want more personalized ads, but only 6% willing to share more data

Consumers want ads to be more personalized, but very few consumers are willing to share the data that would lead to more personal ads.

Scholarly Communications

Understanding China’s STM publishing landscape: key findings from State of the Market Report 2023

Clarke & Esposito share a highly anticipated report, ‘International STM Publishing in China: State of the Market Report 2023.’

Journal of Electronic Imaging to retract nearly 80 papers in response to peer review fraud investigation

Following investigation into peer review fraud, one journal has retracted up to 80 of its papers.

Guest post – the PLOS union

A guest post for The Scholarly Kitchen explores the recent PLOS Union.

Guest post – making research accessible: The arXiv Accessibility Forum moved the action upstream

Shamsi Brinn and Bill Kasdorf dive into the discussions that took place at the arXiv Accessibility Forum.

Are you using AI in your content marketing? What do you think about the recent paper retractions?

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