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Embracing Collaboration at University Press Redux 2024

I was so excited to attend the 5th University Press Redux last week in Edinburgh, in my first event as a member of The International Bunch team. The theme for University Press Redux 2024 was “Connecting People and Ideas,” emphasizing collaboration, community and knowledge exchange, which resonates with our ethos as a company.

The conference featured a diverse and well-crafted programme, addressing key issues in the publishing space, all led by leaders in the field. From a remarkable opening keynote, the sessions were all extremely relevant, well presented and highly engaging, encouraging discussion and debate across areas including how university presses can foster stronger connections within their communities, exploring innovative approaches to open access publishing, collaborating for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) and understanding the needs of libraries and authors in today's world.

Key takeaways for me were the range of really innovative initiatives that were showcased, demonstrating the power of collaboration in scholarly publishing in socialising knowledge and how important personal connections, feelings, and relationships are. And there was plenty of opportunity to develop those connections – there was ample opportunity to engage both formally and informally (including on the ceilidh dancefloor!) with speakers, panellists and delegates, sharing ideas and opinions and building (hopefully) lasting connections.

It was amazing to be part of rich conversations discussing challenges, exploring solutions and identifying potential collaborators to help navigate the scholarly

publishing landscape.

I came away from Edinburgh more excited than when I arrived – there was such a fabulous spirit of collaboration, and the university press world remains not just dynamic but also inclusive. I am really looking forward to building on a lot of the initiatives discussed.

Thank you to ALPSP, Edinburgh University Press and everyone who contributed to making this conference such an uplifting experience!

Looking to catch up now the conference is over? Book a meeting with Hannah and Lou, and let us know what you need.

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