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What was hot in May 2024? A look back at the latest marketing and scholcomms news

Updated: Jun 18

Discover the latest marketing and scholcomms news


It’s official: summer is here! Time to get out those sunglasses and bask in the sun (if we’re that lucky here in the UK!).

May has been an eventful month. After all the planning, the CILIP Cymru Wales conference took place 17 May 2024, and it was definitely worth it. Lou and I were thrilled to meet so many incredible members of the Welsh library community. In my case, it was great to see some excellent library professionals from the university library I frequented back in my English Literature studies.

In other news, the theme for this year’s Peer Review Week has been announced, and this time it’s all about emerging technologies and innovations. Hannah also attended the University Press Redux Conference earlier last month. You can learn more about what we’ve been up to in our latest newsletter.

Sharnie also published an incredibly moving and raw blog post on The Scholarly Kitchen, exploring her own experiences with mental health and how she’s supporting the team to create a mentally healthy workplace.

As always, we’re here to bring you news from our industry, marketing as a whole as well as tantalizing tidbits to get your brain ticking. Keep on reading to explore what the month of May had to offer.


Scholarly communications

What’s happening in the ever-changing world of scholarly communications? We’ve done the news trawl, so you don’t have to:

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From artificial intelligence to influencer marketing – find out what everyone in marketing is talking about this month:

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Did you know?

Our monthly pick of unusual and surprising research and news to tickle your brainbox!

An image of a cartoon Octopus. The text above says 'An octopus actually has 6 arms and 2 legs, not 8 legs.'
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  • Did you know that the University of Edinburgh has a graduation bonnet?

  • Imagine what you could do with a third thumb! Some people don’t have to imagine – a study from the University of Cambridge has shown that people have little trouble learning to use a third thumb.

  • An octopus has eight tentacles, right? Wrong. It may be more realistic to say that they have six arms and two legs. Learn more from BBC’s Science Focus.

  • Want to make a feline friend? Try blinking reaaaaally slowly. Learn more fun cat facts from BBC Science Focus.



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