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The International Bunch team explore the sea and sights of Swansea

Updated: Jan 25

As a remote team, we always cherish the moments we get to spend together. In September 2023, we met as a whole team in person at the ALPSP conference for the first time.

This time, we joined our CEO Lou Peck on the beautiful Gower Peninsula to enjoy some food, a good catch up, the wonderful rainy weather of South Wales and the chance to take some fun new photos for our website. Unfortunately our newest team member, Rowan Pierce, was unable to join us for this trip but we look forward to meeting with them in the future.

Discover what we got up to in our Wales trip!

A night time picture of the Mumbles in Swansea with lights reflecting off the water
A view over the beautiful pier at Mumbles, Swansea at night time.

A photo of The International Bunch team and Tim Gillett
A picture of The International Bunch team, along with Tim Gillett. From left to right: Gulshanara Nuree, Sharnie Dunstall, Emma Williams, Pamela Heller-Miszta, Megan Taylor, Lou Peck and Tim Gillett.

A photo of a few members of The International Bunch team
A selfie of a few members of The International Bunch Team. From left to right: Pamela Heller-Miszta, Emma Williams, Gulshanara Nuree and Sharnie Dunstall.

A photograph of three members of The International Bunch team on Mumbles pier.
A photograph on the Mumbles pier of Megan Taylor, Emma Williams and Pamela Heller-Miszta

We feel so lucky to have such a great team here at The International Bunch, made up of so many unique and talented individuals. Want to learn more about us and our team? Get to know our team with a few of our blog posts.

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