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What was hot in January 2024? A look back at the latest news

Discover the latest marketing and scholarly communications news

Your time is precious - we know you love to stay up to date and get all the important news and resources - all in one place. Replacing our weekly round-up, our new monthly update brings you the best from across the industry.

Scholarly communications industry news

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What’s happening in the ever-changing world of scholarly communications? We’ve done the news trawl, so you don’t have to:

  • Silverchair and Hum have published their Publishing Tech Trends 2024 report – predictions include a greater focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) technologies and platforms, an increase in investment in core processes, and, inevitably, rapid advancements in AI tools and technologies. Our CEO Lou joins 17 industry experts in their insights and expertise.

  • CACTUS and Elsevier have announced a partnership to bring over 19 million Elsevier research abstracts to researchers’ mobile devices, aiming to enhance the accessibility of research content for the academic community.

  • United2Act has released a consensus statement against paper mills, bringing together different voices in the field through joint projects and initiatives, with the goal of combatting the problem of paper mills.

  • ResearchGate and BMJ have joined forces to expand the accessibility of vital healthcare knowledge for global medical researchers.

  • UKSG has undertaken a DEIA audit and has put in place an action plan to further improve DEIA to make recommendations on embedding DEIA within its policies, procedures, committees, and activities.

  • Jisc is supporting the transition to open access with new resources to help publishers better comply with UKRI policies.  The resources cover licensing, rights retention, open access and more.

  • The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) survey has been launched by The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communication (C4DISC). The survey is now closed for responses, but you can register for a webinar to explore the results, scheduled for 19 March 2024. 

  • Clarivate has launched the Web of Science Grants Index, which allows researchers to have a better view of the funding available and empowering informed decision making.

Marketing hot topics

From AI to career insights – find out what everyone in marketing is talking about this month:

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  • Are marketers feeling overworked and underpaid? Check out Marketing Week’s 2024 Career and Salary Survey. Results show that 70% of marketers believe their responsibilities have increased over the past year, but only 40% have seen a corresponding increase in pay. Is this due to a lack of understanding of the value of marketing within companies? Are there ways marketers can make better demonstrate their worth?

  • How can ultra-longtail keywords drive revenue? Discover new SEO tips from marketing guru Neil Patel. Businesses should focus on creating content that is shareable and engaging and that resonates with their target audience. Video content and voice search continue to grow in importance for marketing, and it’s all about personalization.

  • Advertising spend on short form videos is rising – expected to hit $145 billion by 2028. This type of content can be a powerful tool for generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and driving user engagement.

  • How will the new 30 minute TikTok videos affect potential revenue for the platform? Is this an attempt to compete with YouTube? And will it succeed in attracting more long-form content creators to TikTok? Benefits could include broader monetization potential based on pre and mid-roll ads, which can then be attributed back to the creator directly.

  • AI continues to make waves in the industry – the AI Lab content discovery and recommendation tool has been announced by Silverchair. China continues to approve increasing numbers of AI tools through new approval processes.

  • Google has started blocking third-party cookies in Chrome. From January 4 2024, testing has been taking place for 1% of users. This will ramp up in the coming months to reach 100% of users from Q3 2024. Find out how to prepare, including auditing third-party cookie usage and testing for breakage in Google’s blog post.

Did you know?

Our monthly pick of unusual and surprising research to tickle your brainbox!

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Events and training highlights

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20-21 February 2024, London, UK

27-28 February 2024, virtual

28-29 February 2024, virtual

8-10 April 2024, Glasgow, UK


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