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May 26 – June 2 Marketing and ScholComms weekly round up

Updated: Jul 28

Welcome to our handpicked selection of marketing and scholcomms news from the past week. These are all free to access articles, so click through and explore.

The Workplace Equity Survey for 2023 is now live; UKRI has issued new guidance for its open access policy, which now includes monographs and book chapters; global ad spend is expected to rise over the next year.


How to build a basic marketing strategy for small businesses

How can you build an effective marketing strategy for a small business? Marketing Week shares how to generate a basic level strategy for your business.

Inflation is falling but do marketers have cause for optimism?

With inflation falling to 8.7% in April, should marketers be optimistic?

Global ad spend on the rise, but digital growth is slowing

Global spending on ads is expected to increase over the next year, Adweek reports.

How to manage time anxiety

If you’re feeling like there’s never enough time in the day and time anxiety is wearing you down, learning coping strategies can be helpful. This blog post from Hubspot shares how you can manage time anxiety.

The top types of AI-generated content in marketing [new data, examples & tips]

With generative AI becoming increasingly more popular, it benefits marketers to know about the types of content out there. Hubspot explores the main types of content for generative AI.

New marketing jobs that could focus on AI [data + examples]

AI is revolutionizing marketing. It should come as no surprise that marketers are needing to adapt to new technologies. Some organizations are even introducing new employees specifically to best use AI. What roles could be created that will focus on AI in marketing?

13 best AI Twitter generators for tweeting

Looking for an AI tool that can simplify writing tweets? Neal Schaffer shares some of his recommendations of tools that you can use.

Scholarly Communications

UKRI updates guidance for open access policy, expanding the scope to monographs and book chapters

UKRI has issued new guidance for its open access policy, which now includes monographs and book chapters.

Guest post – Workplace Equity 2023 versus 2018: reckoning or retrenchment?

The Workplace Equity Survey for 2023 is now live. Susan Spilka reviews the 2018 survey and whether it’s likely that change has been made since then.

Knowledge work and the role of higher education in an AI era

What is the impact of AI on higher education? Furthermore, how can higher education adapt to ever changing technologies? Bert Verhoeven and Vishal Rana share their insights on the LSE Impact blog.

New training course for scholarly publishers in China

ALPSP is launching a new training course for publishers in China: 'The Very Latest in Open Access in China and Around the Globe'.

Is the scholarly communications industry changing for the better when it comes to DEIA? What changes might we see in the years to come?

Keep up to date with the latest industry news with next week’s blog. In the meantime, why not check out our previous posts? Or why not sign up and receive alerts as and when we publish content?

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