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3 – 10 March Marketing and ScholComms weekly round up

Updated: Mar 14

Welcome to our handpicked selection of marketing and scholcomms news from this week. These are all free to access articles, so click through and explore.

This week in marketing, HubSpot CRM is releasing two new AI-powered tools to improve user productivity. The UK government is making reforms to its GDPR bill in ways that will affect marketers. In the realm of scholarly communications, the University of Michigan is introducing new open access options for its authors, and The Scholarly Kitchen explores five pending AI litigations and what they may mean for the future.


HubSpot CRM introduces AI-powered tools to boost productivity

If you’re hoping to improve your productivity, HubSpot CRM may have just the thing you need. The popular CRM tool is now unveiling two new AI-Powered tools – Content Assistant and Learn more about these developments in this article from Marketing Tech News.

TikTok launches 'series' feature, which lets creators sell premium episodes up to 20 minutes each

Tiktok has launched another new feature to benefit its influencers. With the new 'series' feature, users can sell episodes of content up to 20 minutes long in for a premium cost. Variety shares more in this article.

The 17 best social media management tools you need to know

With so many social media platforms out there, having the right management tools can be a blessing. Neal Schaffer shares 17 of the best tools you can use to up your social media game.

Loyalty lives – but only if your brand does these two things

How do brands drive consumer loyalty? The Drum shares two key things you need to do to retain customer loyalty in this article.

Social media is the most overrated skill by businesses, marketers say

Social media is the most in-demand skill for businesses right now, yet marketers surveyed in the Marketing Week 2023 Career and Salary Survey say that it's an overrated skill. Discover more insights in this article.

International Women’s Day: the good and the bad from brands ‘embracing equity’

How are brands embracing International Women’s Day this year? The Drum shares the good and the bad marketing for the day this year.

How to get verified in 2023 for real (post-Elon Musk takeover)

Want to see that little blue check mark next to your Twitter handle? Take a look at this article from Neal Schaffer to learn how to get verified on Twitter since the Elon Musk takeover.

Government reintroduces GDPR replacement bill with reforms for marketers

A reformed GDPR bill is being introduced by the UK government, including reforms for marketers. The new bill clarifies cookie consent changes and more. Read more in this article from Marketing Week.


New open access options for U-M authors

The University of Michigan is offering new open access options for its authors following new agreements with the Big Ten Academic Alliance and Wiley.

Some thoughts on five pending AI litigations – avoiding squirrels and other AI distractions

Roy Kaufman shares his insights into five pending AI litigations in this article for The Scholarly Kitchen.

Guest post – in tough times the key is to think differently

Alan Harvey explores the merits of diversifying our thinking in challenging times in this post for The Scholarly Kitchen.

Guest post - article processing charges are a heavy burden for middle-income countries

Alicia J. Kowaltowski explores the financial barriers presented by article processing charges for middle-income countries in this insightful article for The Scholarly Kitchen.

How will the new GDPR bill reform influence your marketing? Will you be using the new HubSpot AI tools?

Keep up to date with the latest industry news with next week’s blog. In the meantime, why not check out our previous posts? Or why not sign up and receive alerts as and when we publish content?

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