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What was hot in February 2024? A look back at the latest news

Discover the latest in marketing and scholarly communications

Can you believe it’s already March? It feels like 2024 only started yesterday! With spring emerging here in the UK, it’s a season of newness – new life (and plenty of lambs roaming the hills near our Welsh HQ!), and of course, new updates in our ever-evolving industry.

Get ready for more changes to social, with platforms like YouTube launching new collab features, growing social platform Bluesky opening up sign-ups for everyone, and X launching video spaces. Meanwhile, Google is also testing out a ‘most read articles’ carousel feature that may soon be making its way into your search results, providing more opportunities for search engine optimization.

It’s also London Book Fair this upcoming month – we’re thrilled to have a stand of our own this year, so why not stop by and say hi to our team and stay updated on social media to check out what we’re up to. If you’ve ever wondered what you may look like as a cartoon, you’re also in luck – we’ve got a caricaturist joining us on Wednesday, 13 March on our stand.

Without further ado, here’s what’s been happening over the past month, alongside some things to look forward to in the month ahead.

Scholarly communications

What’s happening in the ever-changing world of scholarly communications? We’ve done the news trawl, so you don’t have to:

An image of Megan Taylor, Director of Content and Research at The International Bunch
We will move from edition-specific category JIF rankings to unified rankings for each of our 229 science and social science categories.






From AI to career insights – find out what everyone in marketing is talking about this month:

The logo of the Bluesky social media platform, with a blue butterfly and the word 'Bluesky' written next to it.
Credits: @bluesky,
  • Bluesky experienced some of the highest growth in engagement for one platform in scholarly publishing last year. Good news for those interested in joining the platform – it’s now open for anyone to join.

  • YouTube has launched its new ‘collab' tool, rivalling TikTok’s duet feature. For those interested in exploring shorts, they can now create split screen videos featuring content from other creators.

  • X has now launched a video spaces tool.

  • Google is introducing a new feature to its algorithm. Popular articles may now be featured in Google's most-read articles’ carousel, providing new opportunities for search engine marketers.

  • Elevate your Instagram marketing with the help of a handy new guide from SocialInsider into the metrics you should be looking out for.

  • The Marketing Week 2024 Career & Salary survey has identified a lack of data and analytics skills as one of the biggest gaps in marketing teams, with 36.9% of respondents citing this as a major skills gap in their business. The same survey also revealed that 46.5% of marketers went through workplace restructures in 2023.

The percentage of teams changing their setups has grown, according to Marketing Week’s 2024 Career & Salary Survey, which reveals the flux teams find themselves in. Last year’s survey found 41.1% of teams restructured in the previous 12 months – reflecting a five percentage point increase this year.

Molly Innes




Did you know?

Our monthly pick of unusual and surprising research to tickle your brainbox!

An image of a mountain with three unidentified flying objects around it
"There's more technology in the sky than ever before so the question is: What are people actually seeing? It's a tough question to answer, and it is an important one because any uncertainty can be a potential threat to national security."

Richard Medina


  • Apparently, exotic cats can tell the difference between familiar and unfamiliar voices. That doesn’t mean it’s time to bring a tiger into your house, though…

  • Are there zombies in space? Recent research seems to prove so, with one white dwarf star resorting to cannibalism. Harsh!



Events and training highlights


An image of the various stands at London Book Fair at the Olympia, London
Credits: Olympia London,

12–14 March 2024, Olympia London


13 March, webinar

Society for Scholarly Publishing


14–15 March, Edinburgh


20 March, webinar

Society for Scholarly Publishing


26 March, ALPSP members only



26–27 March, training course



May 29–31, Boston

Society for Scholarly Publishing

11–13 September, 2024



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