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March 24-31 Marketing and ScholComms weekly round up

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Welcome to our handpicked selection of marketing and scholcomms news from this week. These are all free to access articles, so click through and explore.

This week, Marketing Week shares that businesses believe data analysis is a major skills gap in marketing teams. Statistics are shared regarding accessibility, with 47% of Gen Z consumers avoiding brands that aren’t accessibility-friendly. Meanwhile, in scholarly communications, stakeholders in the publishing industry are invited to participate in the Academic Publishing Trends & Open Access Survey created by IGI Global.


If you’re ignoring accessibility in your marketing, it may be to your detriment. According to recent statistics, 47% of Gen Z consumers avoid brands that ignore accessibility. Discover more statistics in this article from Marketing Week.

According to Marketing Week’s 2023 Career and Salary Survey, businesses declare that data analysis is the biggest skills gap in the industry. Marketing Week shares more.

Is it possible to tell if a marketing tool is using AI or if it’s just being used as a buzzword to generate attention? Samuel Scott shares more in this article for the Drum, advising marketers to be cautious when considering AI marketing tools.

What’s in store for the future of digital marketing, paid media and SEO? Some interesting statistics have come to light from a recent survey, with more than 73% of marketers using YouTube as an integral part of their SEO strategy this year. This article from MarTech shares everything you need to know.

How can you enhance your search engine marketing? Neal Schaffer shares 23 great tools that you can use to elevate your SEO in this insightful post.


Librarians, academicians, researchers, professionals and more stakeholders in the publishing industry are invited to take part in the Academic Publishing Trends & Open Access Survey. The survey, launched by IGI Global, will be anonymous and has been created with the aim to provide an outlook for the future of the industry. Scope Knowledge Speak shares more.

The Scholarly Kitchen shares information about a court case against the Internet Archive’s (IA) National Emergency Library digital lending program in this article.

Despite the fact that Chinese researchers are making massive strides in scientific research, articles by Chinese academics don’t receive as many citations from US researchers as those from non-Chinese researchers. Why is this? The LSE Impact blog shares more.

Will you be taking part in IGI Global’s survey? How will you bridge the data analysis skills gap in your marketing teams?

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