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The consultancy firm goes global

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Lou Peck Consulting has relaunched as The International Bunch, bringing together expert consultants from around the world to support projects and developments in the scholarly communications industry.

Founder Lou Peck has announced a business rebrand that brings immense value to organizations in scholarly communications, including publishers, libraries and intermediaries. The decision was made to take Lou Peck Consulting to the next level to support the rapid growth of the business and extend consulting services by taking on a team of experienced consultants around the world.

Lou Peck, The International Bunch Founder says “​In two years of starting out on my own I’ve seen great growth and demand for my services, so much so that we’re no longer a one-man band but an integrated team of expert freelance consultants. As well as the usual market research projects and marketing support work, we specialize in agile marketing adoption, mentoring, strategic input and publishing/marketing training. Our collective experience gives us deepen authentic understanding of academic publishing and libraries, including technical knowledge, market trends and business models. We have an excellent track record of delivering projects on time and to budget, as well as keeping our clients engaged at all stages. It’s incredible to see the work that our clients are doing and how we can support them.”

The International Bunch’s mission is to confront the unique challenges that stunt growth in scholarly communications organizations worldwide and provide strategic solutions and innovative support. Discover what some of our clients have to say -

Notes to the Editor:

Lou Peck formed Lou Peck Consulting in 2016 following a successful career in publishing and marketing. After working with several notable organizations, Lou had a deep understanding of the frustrations and pressures of the academic and scholarly industry. When workload increased beyond the capabilities of one person, she brought a staff of worldwide freelance consultants into the mix, to offer a global holistic service and fresh input to clients. That’s how The International Bunch was born.

Want to take your project to the next level? The International Bunch is ready to help you discover your potential. Contact us to discuss your needs: and check out

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