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3 - 10 February Marketing and ScholComms weekly round up

Welcome to our handpicked selection of marketing and scholcomms news from this week. These are all free to access articles so click through and explore.

Communicating in an inclusive way is vital to ensuring success in both marketing and scholarly communications. This week, The Scholarly Kitchen shares two insightful posts on how scholarly communications can be more inclusive. In marketing, surveys are revealing how marketers are perceived by their organizations and what kind of skills will help marketers to accelerate their careers.


Marketers play a critical role in the success of an organisation. Yet, despite this, more than 44.4% of marketers surveyed in the 2023 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey said that marketing is only vaguely understood in their workplace. Furthermore, these same marketers highlighted that marketing is seen as little more than an expense in their organizations. Discover more stunning insights in this article from Marketing Week.

According to the Marketers MostWanted report, 14.6% of CMOs look for creative and production support when looking to hire agencies. Time to get brushing up on your creative skills!

If you’re thinking of using TikTok as part of your marketing strategy this year, take note. The popular social media app is soon going to unveil some new features that will help users to further promote their organic content to the right audiences. The article from The Drum explores these changes and what they may mean for you.

Brands can stand out when they harness their creativity, but is that all there is to attracting a customer’s attention? This article from The Drum explores that ultimately, consumers want consistency and ‘peace of mind.’

It’s clear that marketers need to become more strategic this year. It’s time to become more agile. This article from MarTech explores how you can use agile marketing to be more strategic in 2023.

Check out our CEO's webinar all about agile marketing in the industry:

TikTok is all about aesthetics and engaging content. How can you make your TikTok content stand out from the crowd? Give these photo editing hacks from Neal Schaffer a try.

User-generated content is a huge deal this year. As such, it’s important to learn how to leverage it. Neal Schaffer shares 25 tools that you can use for content curation in this blog post.

Scholarly communications

Fostering an inclusive and diverse community is essential to a thriving scholarly communications community. This article from The Scholarly Kitchen explores how we can communicate in a more inclusive way with our colleagues in line with diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible (DEIA) practices.

How can we be more inclusive in scholarly communications? This guest post from The Scholarly Kitchen takes a deep dive into two new toolkits to foster inclusion in our community.

Do we need to create a more bibliodiverse publishing ecosystem? Saurabh Khanna, Jon Ball, Juan Pablo Alperin and John Willinsky weigh in on this article for the LSE Impact blog.

Creating a more inclusive space in the academic ecosystem is key to accelerating discoveries. Even the smallest changes to the way we behave and communicate can make a big difference.

Wondering how you can be more inclusive in your marketing? Check out our incorporate inclusion into your communications strategy masterclass:

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