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Looking for training and sessions to inspire and progress?


We build bespoke in-house training, run strategy sessions, and offer a scheduled annual training programme for those in academic publishing and scholarly communications.


Current courses we offer include, but are not limited to:

Marketing specific courses - full day

  • Develop and build personas to better connect with your target audience

  • Understand how best to position your journal and define your USPs

  • Enhance your storytelling techniques to better resonate with your target audience

  • Understand author journeys and ways you can market to them

  • Adjusting from a tactical to a strategic marketing mindset

Strategic specific courses - half and full days

  • Align sales and marketing objectives to help lead your organization to success

  • Bring individuals together to improve your team's success

  • Set a solid foundation to kick off your project

  • Problem-solving with brainstorming

  • Create a testable workflow solution

  • Agree on a viable solution to help you get unstuck

Agile specific courses - half and full days

  • Taking the retrospective approach - look back at lessons learned and improve performance

  • Change to an agile mindset

Understand how best to position your journal and define your USPs

Another engaging and fun workshop delivered by Lou Peck from The International Bunch for IOP Publishing colleagues from our author marketing and journals development teams!

Lou created a focused and tailored session drawing on her extensive experience in STM publishing and marketing. Plus she has a great selection of ice-breaker games!

Claire Webber, Head of Content and Engagement Marketing, IOP Publishing

Let's talk
Looking to upskill your team? Book a meeting with our CEO Lou  right now to talk through how we can help you and your team progress:

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