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*Position now filled* We're looking for marketing and research support

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We're super excited to say we have our first The International Bunch baby on the way - huge congratulations to our Head of Content Megan, and her family Andy and Olivia! Whilst Megan is taking some time out, we want to ensure we enrich our existing pool of freelancers/consultants with specific skillsets - not just because Megan will be up to her eyes in nappies, but also because we have some exciting marketing projects on the horizon that we need to support.

Our clients are incredibly important to us and we want to ensure we continue our consistent quality output especially as we're receiving more requests for a variety of support. We thought this would be a great opportunity to do a shout out to the industry, as we are looking for marketers specifically with academic publishing and library marketing industry experience. We need people to support our work with strong skills in copywriting, social media, analytics, PR, content creation, campaigns, strategy and research like qualitative and quantitative analysis specifically.

What happens next?

  • Whether you are looking for short term ad-hoc projects or to offer more long-term support please get in touch with me Lou for an initial chat

  • If all sounds good, we'll ask you to sign our freelancer agreement and NDA as we deal with a number of confidential projects

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