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Raise your social media game - best times to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

We recently ran our Social Media Strategy Masterclass, did you catch it? It received 4.8 stars out of five and 75% of the attendees were from the library community. We took some of the social media findings and summarized them in this blog post.

  1. Facebook

  2. YouTube

  3. WhatsApp

  4. Facebook Messenger

  5. Weixin/WeChat

  6. Instagram

  7. TikTok

  8. QQ

  9. Douyin

  10. Sina Weibo

Here are our top tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn:


  • Facebook algorithms make it challenging to generate organic reach

  • Show your existing following what's on/talk about new products

  • Buffer has found that Facebook posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement

  • Facebook is particularly good for promoting your external content – e.g. blog posts, reports, or videos

  • 76% of users seek interesting content when they visit Facebook

  • Don’t post a link without a description. Accompany it with brief, attention-grabbing text to signal what the content is about, or pose a question that it answers

  • Top Facebook tips – create discussion, think about timing, post often and vary the content

Facebook Global Engagement - SproutSocial

Facebook Education Engagement - SproutSocial

Best time:

  • 1-4pm on Thursday and Friday

Other optimal times:

  • 12–1pm on weekends

  • 1pm will get you the most shares, while 3pm will get you the most clicks

  • A 2020 SproutSocial report shows overall best time to post on Facebook is Wednesday from 11am and 1–2pm

Check out our Facebook hints and tips video - Blog post | Podcast | YouTube


  • Brilliant customer service and engagement tool: 67% of B2B marketers use Twitter

  • Ideal tweet length is 120–130 characters – demonstrate the highest click-through rate (CTR)

  • Including one or two hashtags can double the engagement – (21% higher engagement than those with three or more)

  • Use a trending topic or event hashtag, or own hashtag for larger events

  • When writing your copy, think pithy and witty

  • Emojis can enhance your social media copy

Twitter Global Engagement - SproutSocial

Twitter Education Engagement - SproutSocial

Best time:

  • During weekdays from 12–3pm

  • The peak best time is 5pm

  • Thursday lunchtimes create the best engagement, followed by Monday between 5pm–6pm (SOURCE: Shareable)

Worst time:

  • Avoid tweeting between 8pm and 9am

  • The worst day to post is Monday (SOURCE: SproutSocial)

Check out our Twitter hints and tips video - Blog post | Podcast | YouTube


  • An estimated 70% of businesses are using Instagram

  • 83% of Instagrammers say they discover new products and services via the app

  • Images are the main focus on Instagram

  • Copy complements visuals and enhances them

  • Convey your message in as few words as possible with important info at the start – cuts off after three lines

  • Make sure there's cohesion between the message in your text and image

  • Using your caption to provide context is especially important when sharing videos

  • Hashtags help grow your audience for free but make sure you’re using them right. Only use if relevant to post

  • The sweet spot seems to be around seven hashtags - those Instagram posts seem to get the most engagement (SOURCE: Piqora)

Instagram Global Engagement - SproutSocial

Instagram Education Engagement - SproutSocial

Best time:

  • Most consistent engagement can be found Monday through Friday 9am–4pm

  • There’s also a strong case to be made for Instagram being the most addictive app, with engagement sprawling across the working week

Worst time:

  • Engagement becomes lower every day before 6am and after 9pm

Check out our Instagram hints and tips video - Blog post | Podcast | YouTube


  • 94% of B2B marketers use the platform as a content distribution channel, LinkedIn is also a good place to re-post and link back content

  • The LinkedIn algorithm favours videos loaded into LinkedIn

  • Organic reach a real opportunity

  • Post the link in the comments and tag people in the comments

  • 675 million active monthly users and 47% of them are using the platform every day

  • Share industry news, quotes from industry leaders/influencers and industry statistics

LinkedIn Global Engagement - SproutSocial

Best time:

  • Post on a weekday from 9am–5pm

  • Tuesday posts get higher engagement than any other day

  • Wednesday is the best time to post on LinkedIn if you’re a B2B brand according to Hootsuite

Worst time:

  • 8pm

  • Posts on the weekends and evenings do not gain much engagement

Check out our LinkedIn hints and tips video - Blog post | Podcast | YouTube

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