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Lauren Atkinson joins The International Bunch as Marketing Executive

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We're super excited to welcome Lauren to The International Bunch as our new

Marketing Executive as of July 2020 to cover Megan whilst she takes some time with her new baby. We caught up with Lauren in her first week to chat about this exciting move.

Do you want to start off by telling our readers a bit about yourself and your professional background?

Of course, in 2016 I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in the UK with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. As part of this, I spent a year in London working in the marketing department of a large multinational organization as a placement student. This experience gave me valuable insight into the world of marketing.

Marketing was the one area I enjoyed throughout my studies/placement, so after graduating, I moved back home to the north of England - Yorkshire and began looking for a marketing role. I joined a leading technology company as a Marketing Executive and was really lucky to gain a broad range of experience of the full marketing mix. My favourite projects included managing the company’s events and exhibitions and assisting on a global rebrand. After 3 and a half years there, I felt it was time to broaden my skills further and I joined a manufacturing business primarily to ramp up their digital presence. Little did anyone know, a month later the UK would go into lockdown for three months because of COVID-19. This severely impacted the company’s cash flow and unfortunately (or not) led to me being made redundant… which brings me to The International Bunch!

What excites you the most about your move to The International Bunch?

Having spent my career so far working client-side, I’m really excited to join a consultancy and gain an insight into this life. Being able to work with numerous brands at once really excites me!

I’m also new to the world of scholarly communications so I’m also looking forward to getting to understand the market and compare marketing practices with the industries I’ve worked in previously.

Finally, outside of your working life, how do you like to spend your time?

I live in Yorkshire, in the UK and two years ago moved into a house with my partner and we’re slowing putting our own stamp on it. The to-do list never seems to end!

I enjoy keeping active and go to the gym or local swimming pool several times a week - during my school years, I swam competitively so I think I’m half fish! I also love to travel and explore new places! I spent a month in Thailand after graduating and it was so much fun.

And finally, as cliché as it sounds, I love spending my weekends catching up with family and friends.

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