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We want you!

We're building a collection of freely available podcasts to help the community learn more about Libraries, Scholarly Communications and Publishing. Simply contribute your own podcast recording about a keyword, phrase, initiative or service/product in just 60 seconds.


It's easy, follow these steps below to be featured on The International Bunch podcast:


  1. Choose a keyword, phrase, service or initiative from Scholarly Communications that we haven't already defined in the Podcast - check the current list of 'Under 60 Seconds Podcasts'

  2. Write out your script and include this introduction as part of your 60 seconds - 'Hi this is [first name surname] from [organization (optional)] and I’m going to [describe/talk about] [keyword, phrase, service or initiative] in under 60 seconds'

  3. These podcasts are informative podcasts and not to be written as a sales script

  4. Record your podcast as a mp3, .m4a, mp4 or m4v - you don't need expensive equipment to make a really good quality recording - a modern smart phone generally has a really good microphone for recording - though if your institution has recording equipment then even better

  5. Keep your recording including the introduction to 60 Seconds maximum - this is the challenge!

  6. By sending us your recording, you agree that your podcast will be under CC BY 4.0 and The International Bunch reserves the right to editorial content control to ensure we are adding relevant podcasts

  7. Send the recording to with your script and a square image/photo (we can crop it if a photo) - we add the script to the podcast description so this information is available to all and add the image to the podcast

  8. We'll send you the URL once the podcast is live as a bitly link so we can easily track the metrics - do share with your network and include #Donein60Seconds

Hints and tips

  • When you record the podcast try to smile whilst recording, it makes such a difference to how you sound 

  • Try not to read directly from the script as you can hear that in your voice, practice a few times - if you're like Lou, she does several takes! You want people to stay engaged

  • Be careful with some microphones as they will pick up background noise so shut yourself in a room without an echo

Any questions? Get in touch

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