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Enhance your professional development

Tailored training

We work with you to craft in-house and/or online training packages tailored to your needs - contact us to discuss how we can help you. We use the VAK learning style for our formal and bespoke training.

Half-day training sessions

We offer a range of personalized half-day training sessions.

Coaching and mentoring

We work with you in a relaxed and confidential manner for your coaching and mentoring needs:


  • individual coaching to help you in your career progression

  • someone to talk to about your current work environment which you may be finding challenging

  • work with one of your team, mentoring them to work towards career progression or focus on a specific area

Agile adoption and training

We deliver Agile Marketing adoption and training inhouse and online to support more efficient and effective working practices.


We offer a range of free and low-cost webinars to help with your professional development delivered online and on-demand in publishing and marketing.