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Understanding open research and how it can work for you

Once simply about making journal articles open access, open research (AKA open science / open scholarship) is increasingly reaching into all facets of the research ecosystem from inception, through practices, to outputs and communication. If you're an academic institution, library, funder, learned society, or publisher, we can help provide advice, support, research and consulting services around a range of open research issues. 

Whether you’re seeking to future-proof your products and value-proposition, or increase skills and understanding amongst your stakeholders, get in touch and we'll give you the support you need.


Open access

  • Flipping subscription and hybrid business models

  • Developing new revenue streams and content types

  • Advice on licensing, pricing, funder behaviors

  • Advice on industry best practices

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Open policies

  • How to build rigorous, supportive policies that are actionable and consistent with other requirements

  • What are the workload, privacy vs FOI, and technological implications of open policies?

  • Landscape reports – initiatives and developments across funding, domain and other siloes

  • Advice on interpreting and responding to community feedback on open research initiatives such as DORA and Plan S

Creative Working

Open culture

  • What questions and strategies do my stakeholders need to address?

    • Research support

    • Open-source software and open governance

  • Building open research-friendly incentives and career tracks

  • Developing strategic partnerships and thought leadership, and trust in your organization


Open practices

  • Identifying, delivering, and recommending training and capacity building in open research. For example:

    • Open peer review

    • Research data management

    • Leading open research teams

    • Digital skills and best practices

Data Cloud

Open data

  • How do the FAIR Data Principles impact my community?

  • How to manage sensitive data?

  • Advice on data publication and citation

  • What capabilities do I need from partners, such as repositories, tools, and peer reviewers?

For more information, contact us and we will happily help.

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