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We're looking for advisory board members to provide invaluable feedback

We often speak with industry professionals for crucial input to help drive our own and client commissioned research projects forward - we couldn't do it without you.

We've decided to take a little bit more of a formal approach to our research gathering and help our contributors be formally recognised for their feedback helping enhance their career progression. 


It also gives us the opportunity to increase those involved with our research projects and of course the richness of the industry feedback.

Once you join an advisory board (you can join more than one), we'll contact you as relevant projects come up - you can let us know whether you can/want to provide feedback - we know that sometimes you can be too busy and that's OK. Your feedback is usually anonymous however if we need to quote you, we'll always seek your approval. We'll either arrange a time to talk with you or send you a survey to complete.

Our current advisory boards:

  • Agriculture Advisory Board

  • Library Advisory Board

  • Marketing Advisory Board

  • Publishing Advisory Board

  • Researcher Advisory Board

Interested in joining us? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

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